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Which Instant Messenger Program Do You Prefer?

Which Instant Messenger Program Do You Prefer?

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Which IM program do you prefer over the rest?

My vote goes to MSN Messenger (Now called Windows Live Messenger). It has by far the best interface, and it doesn't have annoying ads that play movies or music.. ahem.. AIM..

Yahoo is decent, but now that Live Messenger can add Yahoo contacts, I will just add them through that. :)

Google Talk is good because if you use GMail it will tell you when you have a new email, but nobody seems to use this. At least nobody that I know. I use it of course though. I use every messenger besides Excite messenger and ICQ. :)

I also like Skype a LOT, and have paid for a Skype phone number, and have an account for outgoing calls. It is very handy and cuts down on my cell phone use during the day. :D

So, which do you prefer and why?


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At first, AIM was my messenger of choice. It was like that for around four years. I've always used MSN as second, but even now it's become my primary (and favourite). The enwe look and feel of Live.

ICQ was OK, I used it to find random people to talk to and things like that when I first started using the internet. After so long I gave up on that, but I kinda wish I still knew my old number becausue it was fairly low.

I've used Yahoo when people I wanted to communicate with ddn't use either MSN or AIM, but now it's just a neusance to have.


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Yea, i use live now, along with xfire (used for gaming).

I used to use abunch of im's: ICQ, AOL, SKYPE, MSN, YAHOO, and frog-something. It was mostly for video confrencing.

Only use Live now.


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I have used AIM and Yahoo and MSN messenger, but the one that I liked the most was ICQ. I had it for so many years and I too had a very low number and don't remember what it was : / I haven't used it for about 3 years now but it would be the one that I would go back to. I used it mostly when I played UO it was just the easiest one to use until teamspeak came along lol