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Which holiday will you be celebrating.

What holiday

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With December right around the corner I was wondering what holiday's everyone here celebrates. Also, what are some special things you do during this holiday to celebrate and what do you enjoy most about it?


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I chose none, and here is why.

I am not religious. While I do celebrate Christmas with my family, it is not for religious reasons. Not that Christmas originally had anything to do with Christ's birth anyway...but that's a different subject.

I celebrate the socialized bit of Christmas. Spending time with family, exchanging gifts, that sort of thing.


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I do the socialized part of Christmas also even though I picked other. Since my entire family celebrates it I figure it can't hurt.


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I thought this is about Thanksgiving at first...in which case, I'm celebrating Beaujolais nouveau release haha. As for next month, definitely Christmas...with my kids who believe in Santa. :)


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I'm not religious, I don't attend church and I'd rather spit in someone's face than listen to them explain to me 'why' I should be going to church~
I didn't vote either, but I celebrate Christmas in the way that I buy gifts for my family and friends and enjoy watching them open them and hear the children squeal with delight.
I don't do Christmas for me...I do it for others in my life~


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Though like most here I have no religion, most here do celebrate Christmas and it is a holiday here. Most I think will give few presents to their children and maybe have family and friends for a dinner. But for most part it is a child's holiday here.

This year I will not do anything special for Christmas, unless my guardians have plans I know nothing of.


Christmas has become an international celebration and its religious background is fading away.

At Christmas, I usually pay a visit to my christian friends.


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Christmas in December, so yay!! My mom's East Indian, so the only winter holiday her side of the family celebrates is Diwali and that's usually in November. More holiday money for Bubbles :D