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Which game are you playing now?


New Member
I'm currently playing Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin
anyone heard of it? tell me if its worth playing


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've played the GBA version and really liked it. There are quite a few of these games actually. I haven't played the others at all though.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm not really playing any, to be honest. I play a little Guitar Hero here and there, but that's it.


Registered Member
Right now I am playing Final Fantasy III and still trying to get level 60 let alone max out. I am also playing Magical Starsign which I have already beaten. Anyone ever played This game? I thought it was cute.


New Member
I haven't taken Portrait of Ruin out of my DS in weeks. So much to do, what with all the endings to achieve, subweapons to master, and of course, getting 1000% on the map. I've beaten the game twice and I keep coming back.


New Member
Football Manager 2007