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Which do you have? Cat or Dog?

Which do you own?

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Hell, It's about time!
Which of these two if not both, do you have?


Embrace the Suck
I have two dogs, a Lab/Pointer mix and a chihuahua mix. I hate cats.


Sally Twit
Unfortunately I don't have a cat or a dog. I am not too fussed on having a cat but I would love to have a dog. At the moment it's not possible because they are not allowed in the building and plus my boyfriend and I work full time so it wouldn't be fair.


still nobody's bitch
I have two of each. I have a shepherd/greyhound mix, a lab-ish mutt, a gray cat who is incredibly spoiled, and a black & white cat who hides most of the time unless I'm eating a bowl of cereal.


Registered Member
two dogs for now - german shorthair pointer and a beagle. I'm going back to cats as I miss the one I had and am tired of putting my dogs in puppy jail when I go on a trip. I can't just go off for the weekend on a whim without making arrangements for the dogs.


Registered Member
I have a Pomeranian and my mother has a Maltese.


New Member
3 dogs a chihuahuah a chow and a pug my chihuahua is named chico, my chow is angie and my pug is fred :nod::lol::nod::nod:


Registered Member
I have a Yorkie, but he can't stay with us, no pets like him allowed.
So since my son bought a new 4 bedroom home, my little monster stays with my son, and he has a room all to himself.
I'm really not a pet person, I shouldn't have pets.
When my granddaughter went to camp for 4 days, I let her Betta fish die, I forgot to feed it *sigh*
I am too busy with things and my mind can't concentrate on a pet.......dogs you have to take outside to piss and cats, while they do the litter box thing, they have this habit of rubbing up against your legs all the damn time, what's up with that??


Registered Member
i have a dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier:)shes barmy:lol:i have had cats as well in the past but i prefer dogs:)


Wow dogs are dominating this poll! I personally have a dog and love dogs to bits, I can see myself being a dog person for life. I also do love cats and would like to own one in the future maybe, but I will always be a dog person at heart.