Which disaster if any?


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Been through a couple of tornados.

Lived about 40 miles SW of Mt St Helens when it was erupting back in 1980. It cracked some of the plaster in our house, and we got some ash...nasty stuff.


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Yes it was an earthquake in 1999. I was lying in bed at night in my apt. and it was shaking. I thought it was my friend Kelly who used to reach through the window to wake me up. I realized it was an earthquake. So I walked out the door without even putting my pants on? Am I to die just to look for pants. No way. Lucky I had my briefs. I quickly walked to the pool area and grabbed the fence. I saw the moon and it seemed to be shaking back and forth. A flash of lightning occured at the same time. I said to God please no more. Stop this. It stopped but I still saw the water in the pool move. The other nieghbors also were out looking to see what was going on. I saw there was no damage and just went back into my apt. I read the story in the morning and it was 6. something. So there was no major damage in that earthquake.
Here in Maine, United States, we had the ice storm of 1998. We had a great deal of sleet and freezing rain that caused widespread tree damage and power outages. And what made it even worse is that the meteorologists didn't predict this storm until the last minute.

I remember that all the local radio stations were knocked off the air. And so many tree limbs landed onto the ground, blocking off all of the side roads as well as the highways.


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There have been a few cases.

The first being when I was really young. Apparently I was out with my parents and a strong tornado came through. We had to hide in a ditch. I don't remember any of this because I was far too young.

The biggest natural disaster I have ever experienced was an ice storm back in 2007. It knocked out power for weeks for some (thankfully not for my family), canceled my Finals (totally got me a B in College Algebra, which saved my butt! lol), and caused a lot of tree damage. Our yards were just full of branches. They didn't all get cleaned up until Christmas.

Then a couple of years ago we had a severe thunderstorm which did some damage more akin to a weak tornado. It knocked one of our smaller trees on top of one of our cars. (which is funny in a way because the ice storm of 2007 had nearly split that tree in half, landing on the car we had parked in the same spacce). Thankfully there wasn't really any damage, somehow. However, that tree was done for.
When I was a kid in 1985 while I was living in Rhode Island at the time, Hurricane Gloria hit Rhode Island hard. I remember we had to clean up five trees in our yard that fell to the ground.

I remember watching the hurricane from the inside of my parents house. I had never seen anything like it before, and I haven't since either.


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Been near some pretty big blizzards. Wouldn’t count them as disasters though.

Earlier this year as well as three years ago we had some pretty serious hail storms across the city. We’re talking softball sized hail. There are parts of the city that lost the windshield on basically every car. Roofs, windows, and siding on most homes were also damaged significantly across most of the city. It was an insurance nightmare.

The REAL major disasters I’ve been uncomfortably close to are forest fires, 2 of them. My home nearly burned 5 years ago. Massive blanket of smoke over the whole city.

If you know much about forest fires, flooding usually follows in the following seasons and years.
I've been through several blizzards over the years here in Maine. But it was no big deal for us because we're equipped for big snowstorms like that. And almost as soon as the blizzards ended, everything was back to normal around where I live. That's the way it is up here.

But when they get bad snowstorms and blizzards in areas south of Maine, such as southern New England, it can be a real disaster for them. They aren't used to it down there like we are here.