Which disaster if any?


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Have you ever been a part of or near some kind of natural disaster? Do you know anyone that has if not you?
We're talking earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, typhoons, tidal waves, mudslides, hailstorms or any other not mentioned?
If not do you remember maybe reading a newspaper article about one of these that sticks with you?

If you were part of one of these which one, what happened and what did you have to do to recover from it?

Ok I'll answer soon.


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I have ducked quite a few:

Tornado - spent in a Mississippi trailer park (I was in the Air Force, going to tech school and a married couple rented it, she finished school before he did and I jumped at the chance to not live in the barracks.) We opened all the windows, got really drunk and lay on the floor. The trailer park next to ours was 2/3rds destroyed and it hopped over ours.

Hurricane - also in Mississippi. Spent that night in a shelter on base. The next day there were pieces of corrugated roofing sticking out of buildings and cars.

Hail storm - while kayaking in Spain (while in the USAF and stationed there) we turned them upside down and huddled beneath them while the up to golf ball sized hail rained down. Couple of bruises. Nothing major to any one on the trip.

Tornado - driving through Kansas with my dad and the 16 sailboat he and my brother in law built. We pulled into a hotel and the tornadoes passed us by.

Hurricane - Andrew trapped my wife at a quilt show and we lost power. The creek rose as high as I have ever seen it, but this was still 10 ' below our house. We have no basement. Radiant heat in the floors. My daughter and I ate soup and grilled cheese (gas stove) and built a fire - watched a movie on a laptop and played cards by candle light.


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7.9 in Alaska and a 8.2 in Mexico last September. Will someplace in between have a major quake?


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San Francisco had a 4.7 quake recently but nothing of the magnitude as these. It's hard to say if, and when there will be any earthquakes anywhere.
I've dealt with a few blizzards in my time. Those can either be fun or awful, depending on your age. Haha.

Floods and earthquakes are on the mild side here, so nothing major.

I did have a tornado touch down less than a 100 yards from my house, which is pretty awesome and very unusual for Vermont.


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Near disasters would be the best way to describe the experiences here in Australia, otherwise thank jesus I've been safe. Floods back in 2011 and bushfires in Victoria were rather devastating.


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Most of the natural disasters I've lived through have been blizzards, 10+ inches of snow and ice for the most part. I've lived through them mostly when I was younger, and was always safe on the roads when permitted, but otherwise I remember being snowed in and stuck for days on end inside.