Which dead wrestler?


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Which dead wrestler do you miss the much, that could still wrestle today?

Personally me it's between two guys, Mr Perfect or Owen Hart.

Those two are in my top 10 wrestlers of all time, they were great on the microphone, they could cut great promos and they were extremely talented in the ring.


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I'd have to go with Chris Benoit. I just loved watching him wrestle.

Although I have to agree with you on Owen Hart and Mr. Perfect.
Big Boss Man for me. I think he is my favorite dead wrestler, and if he would be back today he could have an epic WrestleMania 25 feud with The Undertaker. Big Boss Man is worthy of that.


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Owen Hart, Mr Perfect, Eddie Guerrero and Bossman for me. I feel like I'm forgetting someone though...oh well.
Bam Bam Bigalow deserves a mention. He reminded me of Big Boss Man and he was good in the ring. Crazy outfit and tattoos. :-o

I suppose Yokozuna could use a mention, too.


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Texas Tornado and Andre the Giant. I'd love to see some of Andre's work in the 70s and early 80s when he wasnt in such bad shape.


I'd have to say Eddie Guerrero and Andrea the Giant top my list.
I didn't know Yokozuna was dead but if that's the case I'd put him up there, I loved him when I was a kid.


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Owen Hart, though it's more about that he was unfairly taken from us. As per Martha if he were still alive today he'd probably would of gotten out of the business years back.


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Mr Perfect,Eddie Gurrerro and Chris Benoit came straight into my head. All where amazing wrestlers, all could draw a crowd and all(Except Benoit) could do a great job on the mic