Which dangerous job would you NOT want?

Which dangerous job would you NOT want?

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From the list below, which job would you NOT want? Give reasons and discuss.

1. Bodyguard - :gun_bandana:
When you are paid to serve as a human shield for a president, rock star or businessman, you know you have to say "I love you" to everyone every time you walk out the door. Kevin Costner was the most recent man to glamorize the profession, but there is no "bull" (bad pun) about it, "bodyguard" makes the list.
2. Coast Guard Search & Rescue - :boat:
Few men and women put their lives on the line day in and day out like the Coast Guard. Even less do so for such unselfish purposes, as these workers help others who are in desperate need of assistance, making it all the more noble and virtuous.
3. Armored Car Guard - :2guns:
I was walking down the street once, enjoying a nice summer evening when I heard, "Stop, stand back!" I looked straight ahead and realized that I was staring down the barrel of gun. Puzzled (more like tipsy...), I asked "what did I do?" Lo and behold, the bank guards were loading cash into the ATM, and they had full discretion to blow my head clean off...
4. Bomb Squad - :eek:sama:
Can you say kamikaze? How many professions do you know that come close to this one in terms of facing risk and danger head-on? I always wondered what the failure rate is for bomb squad school.
5. Policeman - :cop:
The men in blue: policemen. Often chastised, vilified, criticized... sometimes justifiably, sometimes unfairly. Regardless, most times, a policeman is a sign of peace, calm and reassurance. These men and women have some of the most stress-packed jobs in the world.
6. Firefighter - :fiery:
Whether you're fighting a fire in the forest, killing the flames in a residential area or running into a burning house to save children and animals, there is a reason why women fancy firefighters; they're peaceful and help everyone despite all odds.
7. Miner - :hammer:
American society has shifted from industrial to more service-oriented, so "miner" is less mentioned in such lists. But this does not change anything, as this is one profession that leaves health concerns down the road and takes lives when accidents happen.
8. Truck Driver - :scooter:
Truck drivers are special individuals who live on the road and travel non-stop in their mission to deliver goods worldwide. They have always faced tough road conditions, reckless drivers and sleepless nights, which can all lead to tragic circumstances.
9. Logger - :jedi:
Logging is dangerous year-round, but seasonal danger peaks in late summer and fall as most deaths occur in July, September and October. Many would rank this profession higher, as logging has been a perennial choice in top danger lists.
10. Alaskan Crab Fisherman - :sailor:
Ever wonder why crab is so expensive? Yes, the fact that the meat is rare is one factor, but another important and lesser-known fact is that the men and women who risk their lives fishing the crab in ice-cold waters face the highest on-the-job mortality rate. It's true, it's true.
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For me, I would say Bomb Squad. Knowing that everyday there is a possibly that you might be blown up. I wouldn't handle the stress to well.


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3◘ Armored car guard... You want me to risk my life for the banks money? And your only going to give me a 9mm and a Kevlar vest?





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I'd pick bomb squad too. It's probably because I remember too much the Grey's Anatomy scene when a bomb went off. They called it "Pink Mist" :beurk:
I remember too much the Grey's Anatomy scene when a bomb went off. They called it "Pink Mist"
I saw that episode. That was SO unexpected.

To add to mine: I wouldn't want to get disfigured by the blast or lose a limb. :(


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i picked bodyguard. I dont know if I would be able to take a bullet for someone i don't really have a relationship with.


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The one I wouldn't want would have to be a fire fighter. I've gotten cigarret burns before, that shit hurts enough. And my friend had burns from the waist down and was in a lot of pain. I wouldn't want to take that chace.

The job I would want, however, would be a policeman. Sure, you get shot at, but not often. And it would be field work, not a desk job. Also, I'd have a reason to stay up all night.


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My top 3 out of the ones listed, in no particular order.

Alaskan Crab Fisherman, I have seen the deadliest catch and no thanks.

Bomb Squad - One false move and they are scooping you off the walls and floors.

Policeman - Way to dangerous especially in today's world and they do not make anywhere near enough money for the service they do day in and day out.