Which consoles have you skipped?

Starting with NES, which console systems have you skipped?

I skipped Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Why? I just gotten into PC gaming more and more and less into console systems. Even though I'm starting to like consoles again, I'll probably wait until the next system gets released before I think about purchasing console systems again.

What consoles have you skipped?

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Question: Can we include ones we bought years after their active use? For example, buying an Atari 2600 in 2008.
Sure. That sounds like a good idea. :D

In that case I'll add GameCube. I bought once the price dropped and Nintendo moved to Wii. Mainly, because I wanted to try all the games I've heard about: Super Smash Bros., Evolution, Sonic and this Mega Man collection which included a lot of Mega Man games. =D
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I went from the NES to the N64... to the PS2 and then PS3 then later won a Wii.

So in between those I've skipped: SNES, all Sega stuff, PS1, all Xbox Stuff, and the Gamecube


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Okay, I missed EVERYTHING between the NES and the Jaguar.

My first actual console was the Sony Playstation (and not the Nintendo 64 I actually wanted). From there, I skipped the N64 and the Dreamcast to go to the Sony Playstation 2. Many years later, I got the Nintendo Gamecube, followed a year or two later by the Microsoft Xbox. Then I bought the Nintendo Wii, followed by the Microsoft Xbox 360. In recent years, I have actually bought the Dreamcast and the Sega Mega Drive, as part of my collecting efforts.

Handheld wise, I missed the Sega Game Gear, the Nintendo GameBoy Pocket, and the Nintendo GameBoy Advance.


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I skipped the Xbox and PS3. The Xbox just flat out didn't appeal to me and the PS3 is quite the same. If I could afford a gaming PC however, I'm sure I'd end up ignoring consoles all together.


I skipped anything Nintendo up until a Gameboy Advance SP. That's the only Nintendo console I have ever owned, and I can't figure out why. I skipped the Original Xbox and now have skipped the PS3.


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I skipped several consoles.

NES (I never had one though Hybrix did), no SNES for me, then I kept going on the Nintendo path the whole way N64 - Wii, I even have all of the portable Nintendo systems Gameboy color all the way to Nintendo DS (Gameboy micro and GBA SP discluded I only had a regular GBA)

I've also skipped out on XBOX 360 and PS3 I do have a PS2 and an XBOX though.

As far as Atari goes I think we may have had a 2600 at one time I really don't know I do know that i never played it.

I also skipped the SEGA CD, and the SEGA Dreamcast (I still have the Genesis, Game Gear, and the Saturn.)

I've had a PC since 1995 so I really didn't skip anything there.

I would like to get a SNES soon though I just really like them, not really sure why I already have most of the games that i like I guess it's probably the SNES controller that I really like.
Xbox, and Xbox 360. Why? I've played them tons at many friends, looked at the many games out for it, and I honestly don't understand the hype at all. Most of its good games IMO seem to be on PC and/or PS3 aswell, anyway (Some of which even play better on PC and/or PS3). The Xbox/360 exclusive games don't look anything worth my money. I just don't see any point in following the xbox consoles altogether.

I also wasn't much of a sega follower. I skipped all the Segas except for the megadrive. Don't exactly have a huge problem with sega or anything, it's just my family was huge on nintendo consoles back when I was really young.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I also skipped the PS1. We didn't start following the playstations until the PS2.

Even though I'm starting to like consoles again, I'll probably wait until the next system gets released before I think about purchasing console systems again.
The current gen is really only on its halfway point. You'd probably have to wait at least 2-3 years for the next generation of consoles.
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I skipped SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Dreamcast, PS1, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Not including the lesser popular systems.