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Which charity would/do you give to?


I'm serious
Is there any specific charity you have a special connection to, and either already donate time or money to, or would like to donate towards?

Financially I donate once a year to Cansa with however much I can when I get to that time of year. With time, I volunteer at various AIDS orphanages here in SA.

What do you give to, or would you want to give to if you could, and why?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm more into volunteering than giving money since I have more time than money. If I were to give to a charity it would be St. Jude or something like the Humane Society. My volunteer work would be locally wouldn't join a group that required me to leave the country.

Have to be careful what charity you give to because with some very little of the money actually goes to help the intended recipients.


Eh, I'm not big on donating money... but the times I have, it's been to my local foodbank and animal shelter. I doubt I've sent more than $10 to any of the charities outside of my own state.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'd donate it all to cancer research. I think that our average lifespan will increase greatly once we've completely cured cancer and eradicated that menace.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I have given to the Red Cross before...after the Joplin tornado a couple of years ago that killed way too many people.

That's all I've really done though.


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I would give my charity to the Salvation Army, Animal Cruelty Prevention, Star of Hope, Paralyzed Veterans, Save the Children, and save the people with blindness.


I don't donate money to charity too often right now since I don't have a job and my family is supporting me, so I feel like it's not my money to give.

In the past I have given money to a foundation for stray dogs in Bali.

I've also donated to a few crowd-fudning things for indie filmmakers to make short films, web series etc.

If I did have a job I would donate to a program in my city run by all our zoo's to help the prevention of the extinction of some endangered local animals.

I'd also probably donate to MS research and the cancer council


Well-Known Member
I think that the Wounded Warrior Project is an amazing charity.

I have given to several ministries here in town (which I consider to be charities) as well as my church.

The coolest thing I ever gave to was a program my local youth group started called "Heartwork". It started with one campaign called "Heartwork: Uganda". A guy with a heart for Uganda came to our group one night and offered us a challenge. He'd match us dollar for dollar up to $60,000 to build orphan homes in Uganda. There were probably about 500 students in this group. In the end we raised $67,000 and the guy matched us the $60,000. We donated all $127,000 raised (in just 4 weeks by the way) and built 3 orphan homes in Uganda and one in Kenya. (this project has grown a lot and it now responsible for building over 1,000 orphan homes worldwide even though it was just started 5 years ago.


It's not me, it's you.
I used to donate to the United Way. My ex employer was real big about pushing it's employees to have it auto deducted from their paychecks.

Now, I donate sporadically. I once donated to the animal shelter here, and I donate to some charity regularly that I don't even know the name of. I shop at Albertsons, and they have these bar code papers with $1, $5, and $10 on it. I usually choose one of those every time I grocery shop...so about once a week. However, the last 2 times I've been they don't have them anymore since they remodeled the store. I hope once everything settles down they bring them back to the registers.

They were advertising once that all donated money was going to Colorado, when they had those devastating fires recently.


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I don't really have any money to give to charity, but I have donated to a trail organization before.

If I had money to give to charity, I would definitely feel best about donating it towards wildlife and wilderness conservation and environmental type stuff.

You definitely have to be careful and do research before donating. There are a lot of scams out there pretending to be cancer research charities and whatnot.