Which celebrities would you like to see at WM25?

And you KNOW there will be celebrities at WM25. -_-

Don't bother voting "None" since I know most of you would like that. Besides, there is a strong possibly that there will be famous celebrities there since it's such a milestone event and Vince seems to want them around... So, who would you like to see?

My list is as followed:

o-- Sylvester Stallone vs Hogan in a match
o-- Slash from Velvet Revolver
o-- Dwayne Johnson - I hear he's a fan of wrestling...
o-- Andrew W.K. playing the theme and other music to get the house rockin'
o-- Pamela Anderson - Can't go wrong with Pam!

What about your list?


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I'm not very hip with the times so I dont have an opinion on specifics but one things for sure...there will be a TON of them at this Wrestlemania since its the 25th anniversery.