which car should I get


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I need some help making a decision. Right now I drive a 1991 acura legend 4 door automatic. I love the car but it needs work to look and drive better. I would say a good $800 and a paint job before its perfect. How ever I recently ran across an 1987 supra for sale and I drove it and it drove pretty good. it has a few problems such as power window regulators and some trim and dent in the 1/4 panel. it is for sale for $1700. I like both cars and because I drive for pizza hut I need a reliable car.

So My question, should I fix the acura up and keep it or trade it in and get the supra? whats your guys thoughts.


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Is your car paid off? If it is then I would just fix it up. There is no reason to have car payments if you don't need to.

What car would cost more to fix it up? Go with the cheaper option.


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Well I think in the short run the supra would be cheaper but i don't know the history of the supra and what problems there are. As with the acura, its paid off and I know the problems the cars has so I am sure in the long run it may be cheaper to keep. I think I am going to stay with the acura, I just wanted to see what others would say. Thanks for the input.


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That Supra has the 5MGE engine which is notorious for head gasket issues. Ask the guy if he put in a metal head gasket with ARP head studs. If not, you probably want to stay away depending on miles. I am a huge Toyota fan and loooooove Supras but if you don't know what you are looking at you could find yourself in a money pit.

Maybe keep your Legend and get it fixed (as far as mechanical issues are concerned). Paint jobs are not crucial to how your car runs. See the car in my sig? Yep. Drifter special. Only took about 11 cans of spray paint. Those Legends are good cars. Only problems is the top half usually tends to wear out fast and sometimes oil consumption starts to be a problem. How many miles are on your Legend and what are some mechanical problems you are having? Also do you have a link to the Supra? I might be able to check it out and give you my own opinion on that specific car.

Also what's your budget? I can probably find you a pretty good value somewhere.

And if it is for a delivery job I doubt you want a Supra.
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