Which came first?

Which came first?

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Are you talking about the chicken or the egg? I kind of expected to see that but you didn't ask any question besides "Which came first"... ;)


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I'm going to take the cheap route and go the religious way. God/Jehova/Yevon/Xenu/Satan/Buddah/Muhammad/Shiva/Zeus all got together one day and used their combined power to create both at the exact same time. That way, for centuries and possibly until the end of time people will be asking this question and whichever side they choose, they're wrong.
It's basically a question of Evolution vs. Creationism. |:

In evolution, eggs came first by far because there were tons of egg laying creatures before chickens

In Creationism, the chicken probably came first. |:


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I'm in the religious camp. I believe God created the animals first, and the ways they made offspring came after. Just like with humans, Adam and Eve had to be created before they could have a baby.