which anime character do you wanna be?


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my friend and i were discussing about animes and if we were in living in a fantasy anime world what characters would we choose and stuff..and since nobody started a thread on this i just gave it a try..so what anime character would u like to be?:D


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Kahoko Hino from La Corda d'Oro, easily!

I'd be pretty and I'd have insane "natural" talent, even if it were by magic... and even if it would be on an instrument that I've never really cared to play...

Oh and you simply can't forget all of the incredibly cute bishounen guys surrounding me. lol :lol:


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takumi from initial d simply because he has a god given ability to drive to become one with any car he get in... he can just naturally use the car as though he has driven it for years...

or i'd want to be the main guy from berserker havne't watch that in over 5 years can't remember the guys name guts? or gatsu maybe... he was a badass.


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His name is Gutz and he is full of awesome sauce. And it's just Berserk, no er at the end. <3 that series so I'm a little fangirly over it.


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Simply put, Goku.

I absolutely loved him in Dragonball, although that was the only show I really knew him from, when he was a kid in Dragonball. I never watched Dragonball Z or GT or anything. But I would kill for his skills and powers. :nod: