Where's the members list?


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I went to check the FAQ's before asking this question and I did what it said and I still couldn't find it. I've always been wondering how come there isn't a Memberlist on this site?? Or am I just blind and I cant see it?


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From what I recall Hybrix telling me is that there's no member list because it takes a lot of bandwich, or something of that nature. The forums would be slower if we were able to view it.

I might be totally way off though.


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Same issue with me, couldn't find member's list and now i m trying to mail the forum moderator to send help me in finding and approaching to some reliable users as i need answers of some complicated questions against my work...


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BabeRuth already answered. There is no member's list where you can find the 19k names of registered users. The homepage shows the active users in the past 24 hours. The link to the forum moderators list is shown above that list, so it should be easy to contact GF staff.