wheres cheap to shop online?

hey everyone :),

just thought i'd enquire if anyone could recommend any good online shopping sites where you can get good discount.

Im just moving house and cant afford to pay high street prices for things, i realise there is ebay but i'd rather buy new and guarenteed.

Be greatful for your thoughts


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Your best bet is to hit up Google for the items you want and shop around several sites. Sometimes Amazon has a good deal, for example, but you can usually find it cheaper at [insert random store found on Google here]. The problem is that you might not get decent service. Just make sure you read their privacy policy first.


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I'd start with google and if that doesn't work go to Amazon and if for some reason beyond reality that that doesn't work just search ebay I have bought a lot of things cheap on there.


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I've heard good things about Nextag.com. I guess it's not so much a shopping site, but it's a site to compare prices so I'd say it's a better place to start than most sites.