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MLB Where will James Shields end up?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Shields is on the verge of becoming another Kyle Lohse or Ervin Santana. He might not get a job until spring training.

If he was smart, he'd wait until somebody's ace pops a UCL in late February and name his price


The return shall be legenday!
I can see the Miami Marlins throwing some money for James Shields services. They threw a buttload of money to Stanton, traded for Prado and Gordon, and re-signed Dan Haren. They've been on this train before, they don't spend a lot but when they do, it doesn't stop to just one or two guys.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I still kind of hope that my Cardinals try for Shields. Granted, he wasn't living up to his "big game" nickname last year, but he is still a solid pitcher IMO. The Royals and the Rays are my second and third favorite teams, though, so I'm already biased. However, the Cards were going for a pitcher and Scherzer and other price tags proved to be too high. I think that Shields could be affordable and decent. We have some great pitching that could potentially get injured again this year, and I'd still really feel comfortable if we had someone in the lineup with some more experience so that if that were to happen we'd be doing ok.

He's rumored to want to be on the West Coast, so the Padres or Dodgers could be contenders right?