Where will children be visiting in 20 years?


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Back in History, my teacher once said

"I believe that in 20 years, our schools will be holding field trips to gas stations."

And ive pondered it, and thought, if kids truely will be visiting gas stations in 20 years as a place of history. What other places might school children be going on field trips to in the near (<100 years) future?

Now, might GF want to put in where they think kids will be visiting in 1-100 years as a relic of the past, that we call a part of our present?

This could get interesting :)
I'm not sure i agree with your teacher on the gas station thing, not within the next twenty years. It is thought that 25% of the worlds untapped oil is residing beneath the arctic, and a lot of countries have made claims on this (legally, using the Law of the Sea Treaty). Though there is some debate as to whether this will ever be mined, due to enviornmental issues, i can't see it not happening.

Here in the UK we take field trips to castles, and places like that. I'm sure that will continue for a long, long time. I would hope that renewable sources of energy will be utilised within the next 100 years, so hopefully current powerplants will be possible field trip locations for future generations.


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I predict Libraries...and I'm deadly serious about that!

With so much literature available to download these days then it's defo a possibility.


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Nah. Libraries are more than just book nowadays. I haven't stepped into one in forever, but there's always a section with computers and a section for educational videos, etc., although it's still dominated by books.