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Where were you?



Again we remember the tragic events of 6 years ago. Where were you that fateful Tuesday morning? How did you hear the news? What was your reaction.
My answer lies in the following that I first wrote 2 years later.

A Memory
I remember it well. I remember where I was when I first heard about it. I was doing my chore in the shelter I was at whe a friend came and told me about it.
I remember how I felt about it. I felt angry. Angry that anybody would do this to my country. Angry at the people who did it. Angry at our government for not doing anything to stop it.
But I also felt pride. I saw a nation come together, discarding any differences to show a united front. I saw support like never before for the emergency workers at the sight. I saw the Star Spangled Banner flying high in spite of adversity. The American spirit was as strong as ever. We were down but not beaten. We were not going to let these people who did this destroy us. I was prouder than ever to be an American.
No I will never forget it. We should never forget it. Never forget the anger. Never forget the pride. Never forget 9/11

I grew up 50 miles from Ground Zero. I watche the Twin Towers get built. It is still hard to imagine them not there anymore. I still hope that maybe it was a bad dream, that I will wake up and find that it never happened. But I know better.
What is your story?


A Darker Knight
Oh this I remember quite clearly.....

I was in the 5th grade on our "fifth grade only" field trip up past the border just into Oklahoma. Ironically, the attacks happened around the time when we were saying the pledge of allegiance and all that good stuff.

A couple days later, I overheard some counselors talking about it a few days later on our way to a bonfire. Apparently they wanted to keep the news from us. We (at least the students) were practically disconnected with the outside world.

When we went home that weekend, it was all over the news. I knew it was bad, but I couldn't quite understand the magnitude of it.


Likes snow
Where I was: Skewl
How I felt when I heard it: surprised
My lingering feelings soon after: meh, terrorist. alright, people can rebuild
Anger level: nil
Sadness level: 1/20 tops
Chance I'll forget: Probably not anytime soon
Have my opinions changed at all: Yeah, now I actually kinda almost half care about the war, and think it needs to start ending soon or something. |:


Registered Member
I was at work, in the second week at the retirement where i used to work. The nurses were banned at the tv, but when I saw them, I didn't realize what had happened. I learnt about it when I came home and switched on the radio, some 2 hours later.


No Custom Title Exists
I actually remember this very well, I was watching the Simpsons on TV and suddenly news channel flicked, I saw some fire on TV and got close to the TV and sat down and watched it all happen, I didn't even know what was happening. Until that day I heard my parents talking about it.


Registered Member
I was getting ready for work when I heard that an accident happened and a small plane had hit the World Trade Center. Then there were reporters on the ground when everyone saw the second plane coming and a reporter said "Oh my God there's another plane" My first thought was that the reporter was going to get fired for saying the G word on the television news. Then another man screamed "It's an attack". I saw the plane hit. My first thought "This can be laid completely at the INS." I don't know why, but I just knew that the people that did this terrible thing were here illegally and allowed to stay by an apathetic goverment. I was right too. I called my partner who was in Florida visiting his mother. We knew that his plans of coming back were going to be long delayed.

It was an awful day knowing that people were burning to death, jumping from high rise windows, and it was all the fault of a government whose committment to law breakers was greater than its committment to its own people. Even more horribly, the circumstances that allowed 911 to happen still exist today. We are as unable to stop another attack on this 911 or any other time, as we were on that day.

God be with those who lost.


Taking the IStep tests in high school....we ran into the wellness center and at that time we thought it was still a random plane.


still nobody's bitch
I was driving to class and listening to the radio. the DJs wer confused about what song he had just played, then said "sorry, we're a little off right now, this horrible thing just happened". They were talking about it, saying that it couldn't possibly have been an accident, then one of them shouted "oh holy GOD! oh my god another plane just flew into the other tower!"

They cancelled all classes at about 11 am.


Registered Member
I was at school. I missed my off campus classes at around noon so I went back home. I saw what happend on the news when I got home that day. That was a bad moment in time for real.