Where were you on 9/11



Write here where you were and what you were doing on 9/11?
I'm sick of 9/11 talk. I need time to recuperate before the 9/11 decade gets here; thats going to be major propiganda. : (

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I remember that day as it happened yesterday, I was small..I was watching Simpsons, and suddenly, they cut Simpsons off to report the Breaking news.
I was the first plane crash into the tower. A few minutes later, the second one crashed

I didnt know what was going on until I learnt that the planes crashed into the Towers

And I will remember that day whole my life


I was sitting in the grass of my college campus, drinking a beer and selling someone Mushrooms before going to Ancient Philosophy class, where I heard about it.


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I was a senior in high school, and I first heard about it in English class (1st period) and I wa able to watch the news 2nd period (it was a college ethics class and the teacher didn't show) in the library. I also watched the news in my Gov't/econ class. I remember it being very serreal, especially the footage of the planes hitting the towers.


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I had just come out of the containment building at the plant I was working at when I first heard the news. It was a total shock for all of us. We went up to the training center where there were about 300 employees of the company watching it in the auditiorium on a two big screen televisions. It's a day I'll take with me to the grave as possibly the saddest day of my life.

Was my freshman year, I was sitting in study hall 2nd period I beleive. Heard about it from some kid that was always making shit up, so I didn't really pay attention. Next period, heard alot of people talking about it but I didnt actually get to see any of the footage of it until I got home from school because either A.) the classroom I was in didn't have a tv, or B.) the teacher didnt want to take time away from learning.

As an intersting side note, after school, there was really large boom sound, and some of the people on my street were worried that maybe another plane hit or cracher on it's way to hit Wright Patterson Air Force Base which is also located in the Dayton area. My mom's police scanner was reporting smoke coming up from an undertermined location also.Turned out the smoke was just from someone buring grabage, and the sound was just a sonic boom from Air Force One flying overhead, but it was still kinda freaky.