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Where was your Hangout?


Son of Liberty
I was listening to a song just now and there was a part of the lyrics where he said "We'll go see whats shakin' at the Dairy Queen" and I had to laugh at what a crappy hangout that would be.

Then I got to thinking about some of the crappy hangouts that I had with my friends over time, thus the thread was inspired!

When I was in high school the big hangout was a place called "River Park", its pretty much just a Shops Mall in North Fresno at the end of Blackstone Avenue. Blackstone also happened to be the big "Cruising" street at the time. So it worked out pretty good for most people, you'd cruise Blackstone and then hangout at Riverpark.

Me personally I didnt do alot of hanging out over there mostly 'cause I lived so far away (about a half an hour away). I showed up a few times but not as much as the people who were there pretty much all weekend every weekend.

So what about you? did you have a sort of designated hangout spot?


Son of Liberty
nah thats not that bad, heck I would have probably showed up more if we hung out at the arcade here in town :hah:

But yeah like I said the thread was inspired 'cause the song said their hangout was the local Dairy Queen. I thought that one was pretty pathetic personally. Thats where my sister and her stupid ass friends used to hang out, the local Burger King. I mean really... a fast food joint? thats the best place you could find to hang out? hahaha I'm gonna feel bad if someone follows this post with something like "yeah we hung out at mcdonalds play place"


Well-Known Member
There was a few places that me a group of friends used to hang out, we'd usually go up there to smoke pot as we couldn't do that at any of our homes. One was called Patiti Point which was up by a walking track by the beach, and the other was the scenic, which was this huge park. We used to get high and play on the swings :rolleyes:. Any other time it was just at one of my mates houses. I could never see the point in going to sit in town and watch all the cars 'cruise' past like a lot of people did.


No Custom Title Exists
It the mornings before school, we usually hang around Brex Corner, read paper and then go to school.

On weekends, we'd go to a shopping Plaza, play arcade games, sit down at the food court and watch what's around us. We are just a bunch of losers.


Boom Boom Pow!
During the weekends me and my friends would hang out int he nearest large town's shopping mall (we would travel there since it wasn't in our town) and just watch the world go by and muck about.

At nights after school we would hang out round the benches by the town square or around the chip shops :stare: I live in a village, so there wasnt exactly much going on. Another place was the local park... :shifteyes:


Registered Member
Back when I was at school the two main hangouts were the local youth club if you had the money for entry, you could play pool listen to music and play other ball games there.

Mostly we were skint though so would head down to the river, there was and still is I believe a sort of home made BMX track with high jumps and all other kinds of things that could hurt you.
A lot of time was spent there in my youth, I have the scars from many a mistimed jump to prove it.

We also had a rope swing under the bridge in the summer and would spend the day mucking around on that and diving of the bridge in the hopes that somebody on one of the slow moving pleasure boats would throw us a few cans of beer.


New Member
Its McDonalds for me, two of my best friends work there and they both get 50% off so they basically live there haha. But its cool because alot of people we know are there alot of the time.


Registered Member
Once we were old enough to drive when we were in high school, me and my close group of friend (four of us total) would go to the park in town and hang out.... Sounds lame, and it is, but we had some great times. And I'm talking like every night, for like 3-4 hours. We would do absolutely nothing productive except get on the swings, avoid the cops driving by, and have some of the weirdest most uncomfortable conversations I've ever had.


yellow 4!
We used to hang out at the convenience store by the train station. I remember the dude who owned it made us call him 'Spanky,' not sure what he had in mind haha. That was a pretty strange hang out but I suppose it was because it was the only place that would serve my friends fags. Ugh, haha, there's lots of stories behind that place..