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Where to play online game at?? HELP1


New Member
hi all.. im at work.. someone please tell me fast where me and my co-worker can game at for free.. against each other.. preferrably fightgames but really any sort of game.. just not any damn trivia or board games.. tahnks


Registered Member
Funcom is currently offering core game of Anarchy Online, sans any expansions, for free. Not sure if an MMORPG is what you're looking for, but if you have the time, it should be sweet for you and your co-worker :)

Anarchy Online, an MMORPG, is currently free for just the core game sans any expansions. If you have the time, should be sweet for you and your buddy :)


Secret Agent
Staff member
I don't think you can get past them with games such as WOW. I was going to suggest a proxy but I'm sure you already know about those.

Wouldn't you have to install WOW anyway? Chances are your school video cards aren't very good to begin with. Most schools don't make it THAT easy for the latest and greatest games to be enjoyed on school time. ;)