Where the hell is Chaos?


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Seriously, what happened to him? if all those gay jokes pushed him to take his own life I will track down the members responsible!


Staff member
Yeah his neighbors secured their network because they noticed he was stealing their bandwidth.

He pretty much needs to just get his own internet already... Seriously it's 2008.
so frequently in fact thats what i always do..... move to much to get it myself and wifi is pretty big here so im usually good... they need to develop wifi in chaos's neighborhood


Son of Liberty
nice, we had neighbors doing that here at the office. Because of them I cant set up my other laptop here... hahaha our IT guy has some nasty 32 digit alpha-numeric WEP Key code that I can never find.

Thats to bad about Chaos though.. hopefully he'll get with the program soon, he's always good company!