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Where is the outcry from peaceful Muslims?


Secret Agent
Staff member
When stories like this surface:

Family waits to see if mother, accused of blasphemy, will be hanged - CNN.com

One of the comments on that article really struck me:

Forget stereotyping an entire religion for a moment. Where is the outrage from moderate/peaceful muslims worldwide when these events occur. When such muslims fail to speak, people (the non-muslim western world) will inevitably make assumptions that an entire religion is violent, etc.

Simply, the lack of any unified Muslim PR campaign is utterly bizarre after all the terrorism/violence Islam as been associated with in the last decade(s).
I know we have some Muslim members here. What do you think about that comment? Do you think it's strange that a lot of Muslims in the west don't really speak out on such stories?

I think EVERY DECENT PERSON should be openly and vocally against this. It does at least appear to me that Muslims in the west tend to be fairly quiet when it comes to voicing their opinion on stories like this. Am I wrong?


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They are all the same, or they just scared. They are not in any danger of getting bombed for speaking out, those that live in the west, so I just don't understand muslims at all. Their silence suggests solidarity, is it that they just don't care? One thing is for sure, it surely makes all muslims look like hypocrites or something similar.


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That is a very good question! Where are those followers of the "religion of peace" when that religion is being used as the rationalization for inprisonment, violence, rape, torture, & murder? I can guarantee that if any "Christian" country went on a "crusade" to wipe out "jihadists" and other blasphemers using interpretations of the bible as rationalization that Christians would be outraged. Except the god users like those at the westboro baptist church.

I would really like an answer to this question. Maybe CAIR would like to address this issue........yeah, I didn't think so.


Problematic Shitlord
I think it's an incredibly easy question to answer: fear. Americans are largely ignorant when it comes to Muslims. We have no concept of who or what they are and seem to think they're born with bombs strapped to their chests. Islam IS a religion of peace (much like Christians like to argue about Christianity) and 'outcry' would not be something they would do. The Muslims that make the TV are the extremists and many Americans seem to have accepted this as some proof that all Muslims are pants-on-head crazy. Also, do you really think the American media would ever cover something pro-Muslim? Even the far left outlets wouldn't be so blatant because Muslims are such a touchy subject (embarrassingly enough) in this country.

And SS, I very, highly doubt that about Christians based on the simple fact that spreading their faith is going to trump most other things (as it does with most religions).


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@ Cons: 2 examples: the westboro baptist church and that guy that wanted to burn the qu'ran, don't Christians renounce these extremists?