Where Is The Mind?


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Whenever I try to comprehend the space in which my thoughts exist it always freaks me out a little bit. I can't imagine how I'm able to imagine, I can't think about how I think about things. Does the mind have some sort of metaphysical space in my brain? how is it ordered? In actuality what is the mind?

Does that sort of stuff ever enter anyone elses.... mind? :lol:
Yeeah I think about that quite a lot and it freaks me out a bit too haha. I'm imagining a picture of a giraffe right now... Its standing in the grass and eating leaves from a tree......... But where is it coming from!?! :confused:

I guess I see the mind as being where the brain is, because thats where thoughts are generated, but its not as clear-cut as that, is it..?

Oooh I don't know. Will be interesting to see what others think though.


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We all know it's physical location in the brain but it's just... where is it actually in the brain? It's like trying to comprehend not existing, it just cant be done.
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We all know it's physical location in the brain but it's just... where is it actually in the brain?
Heres something to think about >>

[FONT=Gill Sans MT, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Where is the mind? We talk about gut feelings and following our hearts, but most people would say that the mind is in the brain. Some researchers, however, disagree. This week on The Infinite Mind, Dr. Goodwin talks to scientists who argue that the mind is not limited to the brain. You'll hear about the mind of the gut, the mind as property of the body, and the mind of the heart.[/FONT]


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I feel my thoughts come from a little void in the back of my skull. But that's just me being overly poetic.


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I've given this a freakish amount of thought and study, and always end up going back to the idea that a brain is just what a mind looks like. We could also say that a mind is what it's like to be a brain, and it all amounts to the same.


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Erm hear me out a bit, if your saying about the location of the mind, i can't really say where it is in the brain. But maybe.... the mind isn't physically in your brain .... ( Yeah i know i sound weird), you could actually said its something ... virtual. Just like an image that is formed in the mirror, you know that the image in it is virtual and you know that it needs a real object to form that image in the mirror ( The world inside the mirror is a fake, we all know that). So maybeeeee... in your brain, the mind is actually just like a mirror but can also work in reverse ( What i am trying to say is that the world inside the mirror(mind) can be true too). Yes, the subconcious mind is the part of the mind where it actually store information unconciously whether bad or good without even rejecting anything. Things that you see, feel ,touch, etc are stored into your subconcious mind. For example when you want to think about something like girraffes, the subconcious mind would actually flash a picture of girraffes on the mirror and another image of it is formed on the other side of it. This can be apply also when you experiences something new like getting robbed, the experience will be flashed onto the mirror (mind) then recorded into the subconcious mind wheher its bad or good.

To cut things short. the mind maybe something like a mirror, but both world can be real so that when you think of something, you can actually picture it insde your mind for you to see and whn you experience something new, it will be stored into your mind for interpration and storage purposes. Think of a computer if you want to get a clearer picture.

Well, this is what i came up after giving it a thought, feel free to critisize as i know there are a lot of flaws and imbiguity in it. Your opinions and critics would be very mush appreciated.


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I'll point out that the experience of thinking something is no more mysterious than the experience of seeing or feeling something. In both cases, what happens in the brain is seemingly nothing like the experience, and yet the experience requires and corresponds to the physical process. There really is no reason we should experience anything. Our behavior can be theoretically accounted for in full with just physical processes. There would really be no way for conscious experience to evolve, given how useless it seems.