Where is Jesus's body?


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The Church of the Holy Sepulcher or The Garden Tomb

One of these two places is considered the burial place of Jesus Christ. Which is true and why don't they dig up the site to see what is there?


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It was believed to be the place Jesus was crucified and WAS buried. But the story of his ascension means his body is no longer there, nor anywhere on earth.


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Where did that come from? I mean, explain it to me like I'm a 10year old.
Doesn't the story go that when the big rock was moved from the cave entrance that Mary Magdelan was the only witness to see Jesus wasn't in there? So either he escaped in a burka, was never in there in the first place, or tunnelled out, or is buried deeply beneath. But there definately was a government cover up at that time.
Yeah, many people believe he ascended to heavenbut I don't. Sorry.
He was Gnostic and knew many things and had powers unlike most men.

Now, looking at current custom of the area which is still in tradition. Mary Magdelan was an unescorted women making her a whore. Now in many of the 57 OIC countried a woman will be stoned to death for that crime.
During the 1-2 centuries that area was a cradle of religion, the effort was to consolidate and form laws but no one could agree at the time, so religion splintered. The Gnostic tradition was taken back by the magi and the rest is history.

that's all I got.


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Well, I just thought you had concrete evidence but all you had were assumptions. He is definitely in Heaven. If you would take out time to read Revelation, the last book in the Bible, you would see why I believe He is in Heaven. And you get some insight into why there natural disasters, pestilences, etc. everywhere in the world right now.


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I'm not a fundamentalist koyboye. Sorry.
But I am a religious scholar. Revelation must be read in the language of the time. The same way that the Quran can only be in original Arabic. Because it loses in translation.
All men possess the knowledge of Revelation. Always have and always will. Further, all men have possessed the knowledge of flight from death, natural survival methods. We haven't changed much in the 17 million years we have been on the planet except for technology which is not an biological thing.
It's easy to get stuck in belief, it's harder to explore possibilities. To accept heresay in books doesn't embrace the lessons of Jesus. As a Gnost he taught creative thinking and forward progress. An eye for an eye was the key to creativity in another view, to see things from all angles not from the vision of a closed methodology.

So in the language of the time, Jesus body arose, meaning it was lifted from it's state. And it was a miracle, because Gnostic capability was considered magic, still is. And because there was a new sheriff in town and it was about love and creative thinking and the future was so bright that someone was going to have to invent sunglasses.

As for Revelation, that book was a conclusion and a warning. If we don't move in a positive fashion toward the future we will all perish. Now, I can tell you lots of scary stuff about Islamic terrorism because I work in the field. I have made more that one student cry in my classes because the knowledge is really intense. That's all about Revelation and Judgement Day and evil.


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LOL, I am not going to cry, but I might squeal with delight. Here is something from the book of "hearsay" for you: A carnal mind cannot understand the things of the spirit. You know a ton about Islam because its the religion of the terrorist, I'll give you that. But Christianity, you don't know a lot because your opinion is subjective. Have you ever witnessed a miracle? The world you live isn't the same as mine, I mean, you have probably never felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I have said some like this before on this forum: when you were at college, there might be some courses you don't take or maybe you have never heard that there is a course like that, so just because you are not taking the course, it doesn't mean the course is not on some other student's course load or that the course is obsolete. It just means that you can't relate to it because it doesn't mean anything you. We could go on and on, but at the end of the day, I can't see things the way you do because we have different opinions and life experiences.
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