Where is everybody?


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I came on this forum yesterday, and where is everybody? There isn't a lot of activity here.


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There were 4 of us in the chatroom in the past hour. This time of the day, it's pretty slow with posts because most of our members live in the US and they're sleeping right now.


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I thought about that, but I was here last night as well (according to my time). It wasn't a lot of replies in the forums then as well.

Although I can understand why people drop out of this forum because of all the rules.


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It does seem to have been strangely quiet round here lately.
In fact, when I joined everyone else seemed to disappear.
Happens a lot! :-/


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That's boring. Not much fun in talking with (just) yourself.
There were 4 of us in the chatroom in the past hour.

Well, I'm still not allowed to enter the chat. It says I must have more than 25 posts, and I have like 30 posts. Still, no access.
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Maybe try logging out then back in again?
I'm not saying it will work but it might.


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Sorry I wasn't on at all yesterday (evil crashed and is now at the repair shop) and I am working at the local Haunted House and won't be on much at nite for the rest of this month.