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where have i been?

ok peeps catch me up!! its been almost a year since I've been on here. whos dating who, who got banned, who's fighting?

I got into a restricted major at school and am currently on my way to the wonderful degree of "mental health and human services" which will lead me to a bachelors in social work then i am gonna be a drug and alcohol and domestic violence counselor. Thats pretty much what i have been up to. I started going to church recently and have kind of worked on myself for a while so yeah. any questions feel free to ask them but honestly guys fill me in!!!


still nobody's bitch
glad to hear that you're doing well.

it's been fairly drama-free around here for a while. of course i just jinxed it by saying that, but yeah. kinda quiet. oh we have a new server, so some things aren't working very well. we were without chat for ages, it was horrible.
well this feels like twilight zone. drama free? cons must not be around anymore
hmmmm well at least you're glad to have me back lol i feel so loved with the overwhelming response to my return :p


Lion Rampant
WB! That's an admirable field to be getting into, drug/alcohol counseling, well suited to the kind of girl who would cut off her long hair and donate it to charity for cancer patients. Starting next month I'll be working in a similar area, as a suicide intervention specialist on a website being launched by the people behind the 1-800-SUICIDE hotline.


Boom Boom Pow!
Hey! Welcome back to the forum

I want to say that stuff has happened.... but like If i say that then you'll say "like what?" and i'll say "i dunno" lol

Something might come to me. lol anyway welcome back and im glad that you've managed to attain some self improvement and work on your career.