Where do you think a first date should/shouldn't take place?


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Quite a simple one really. What do you think are good places and bad places for a first date. For example, would you go for something quite and romantic or fun and noisy? Would you go to the cinema, a restauraunt, a fun fair, ice skating, etc? And where would you avoid going on a first date?
The bad: a movie. What's the point of going out on a date if you're going to sit there for two hours not talking? Besides, after the movie aren't you tired and a bit sluggish...

The good: a picnic. It's a bit corny, but hardly ever done. Get brownie points for kissing up and it's cheap! A win-win for all.


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I agree with viLky that the only bad one is the movies. During the movies you need to get to know each other. Unless you're one of those people who sit in the back of an empty movie theater and talk the whole time. My first boyfriend and I did that. It was cute.

The best place in my opinion? A diner. It's a casual environment, but can still be romantic if you let it be. Also, if it doesn't work out then at least you're not spending a pretty penny.

The best place I've gone on a first date? Bowling alley. It was one of those ones where there was pool tables and seating area to eat. We were able to show off our skills (his bowling, mine pool.) and then just sit down and talk. It might seem juvenile but I did this with my current boyfriend so he was 17 and I was 16 when it happened.


I think a place such as the cinema is fine for a first date, so long as you plan on doing something else after. When it comes to the after part, if you're stuck for something to say, you could discuss the movie to break the ice.

I wouldn't take someone out for drinks on a first date. Getting slaughtered isn't going to leave a good first impression.


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Good: A meal at a restaurant you both enjoy. There's nothing nicer than enjoying a nice meal with a glass of wine and some getting-to-know-you chit chat.

Bad: Watching a football match or any sports match. You won't be able to talk because of all the noisy fans.


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Good places to go include the cinema (depending on the movie), dinner, a walk in a park, the moon, a boardwalk, theme park, the beach and lightning storms.

Bad places to go would include a car crash, the mall, Wal-Mart, church, a Planned Parenthood clinic, a state fair, Wall Street and fast food restaurants.
It depends on the person you're taking out. My most recent first date involved hiking through the muddy woods. Not for everyone, but I loved it.
I wouldn't try to fit every date into a box, think outside of it and be creative.
I'd hate to go for dinner on a first date. I don't know why, but I can't relax around food/eating at all until I'm comfortable with the person. I think a restaurant is a decent place for it in general though, just not pour moi.

Anything simple is nice. Going for a drive or a walk and just talking.


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Movie as a first date isn't that bad as long as you follow it up with a dinner. I do remember one time I had movie first date, I don't remember what happened in the movie. It's not because we were making out, haha. My thoughts were just somewhere else and I felt we both wanted to get out of the theatre and just talk.

Bad first date: going to church to hear service together.