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Discuss Where do you spend most of your time at work?


Sally Twit
What I mean is, are you on the road a lot, do you sit behind a desk, do you work in a warehouse, etc?

I work behind a desk all day at work and all I have is my PC and lots of paperwork. There's no excitement involved at all but it pays the bills.


I spend most of my time at work standing behind a counter, waiting for customers or answering phones.


Creeping On You
I work in a factory, so most of my time is spent at my work bench. It has an up button and a down button to raise and lower it. It also spins woot!. I also wander over to the packaging area sometimes to grab blocks for putting under the planters to hold them up, so I can sand the bottom edge. Sometimes when I wander over, I end up helping the shipping guy for like 15 mins here or there, since I happen to be there. THen I'm there another 30, pretending to help him and joking around hehehe.


I spend most of my time at work in the beer cooler. My town is the alcoholic capital of the world & I can't seem to keep enough beer in the cooler to keep all the drunks happy. It's nice in the summer, but sucks in the winter. Ha.


Well since I work in a grocery store I spend most of my time in Produce Dept. but I get paged to The Deli Dept. and to The Dairy Dept. and to Frozen Dept. and I get paged to go and get carts.


Registered Member
I spend pretty much all my time at a computer, or at a copier or scanner. Although technically I'm "at work" 24/7, so I guess that includes eating, sleeping, etc.


It's not me, it's you.
Mostly in front of the computer. There are odd times when I go out into the shop for other things. Such as when someone orders something simple like cooler plugs...I usually just go out into the shop, write up a work order myself, prepare the packaging and ask someone to go count out the plugs for me. In other cases I go out and have to ask questions on jobs and things like that so I get all my billing straight.


Haters gonna hate.
I am behind a desk and on the phone... in a white room... with a lot of echo.

It's so bland that I actually enjoy it.


Son of Liberty
70% of the time Im at work. I've got monitors in front of me working on a Computer.

20% of the time I'm bouncing between peoples desks answering questions on "how to do this" even though I've told them / showed them a million times how.

then the final 10% is sort of random, I'm either outside making sure an order gets pulled properly, a delivery goes where it needs, taking care of the dogs, or just anything else aside from the previous 90%.