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Where do you get yours from?


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Greetings my fellow collectors

I was wondering where you get your collectibles from?
Do you go to a specialty shop,comic shop or do you find them on line or somewhere else?

I tend to pick up the things I collect from all over. Sometimes I will find them on the net, Dirt Malls, Spencers,Toy stores, Comic shops, I tend to go all over the place to get mine. Some times they are even given to me as gifts or someone is cleaning out their garage or storage and doesn't want them anymore.

So where do you go to get your collectibles?


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I collect musical snow globes. I have never bought one to add to the collection of mine. Seems like I always get them as Christmas gifts and my mom taught me never to ask where they got it, or how much they spent, so, I have no clue where they are actually from.

I also have a small coin collection. Mainly these come from my dad, who also collects coins. Sometimes we will go to a coin and sports card shows to add to both of our collections.


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Normal stores for my DVDs. We did find a store that sell them cheaper. For my coin collection (euro coins from different countries), we prefer to just leave it to chance with the normal circulation instead of buying them or swapping with other collectors.


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Generally all over the place, but mostly online these days. Flea markets used to be a big source for me, but I haven't gone to one in a while due to the weather (either too hot or too cold). There are no specialty shops around here; they all closed up years ago. My only local source of comics is a Movie Gallery that carries only Batman.


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Online occasionally, but most I buy in person. Conventions are my biggest source of figurines and stuff, but there's also a comic/toy store nearby that sells them


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I get them from wherever I see a book I like, don't really have a favourite store.


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I collect hats.

I get most of my hats at stores in the mall here, or sometimes I order them online if they are like team specific hats or championship hats such as the Detroit Redwings Stanley Cup hat I got after they won.