Where do you get your recipes from?

Where do you get your recipes from?

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I usually get my new recipes from cooking shows on the TV, or I might hear about the recipe from someone I know and then I'll try it.
I don't think I've ever tried a recipe off the internet before, although I have looked at some, I've just never gotten round to doing them.


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I get the majority of my recipies online so I can look at reviews people have written and what not.

I always search the newspaper for recipies I have found tons of good ones in there. They have 1 or 2 a month that actually come from restaurants around the area.


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Mummy usually shows me the basics when cooking really basic foods from packets.

If I see something cool on TV then I'll try to imitate it but usually fail as I'm almost a hopeless cook from fresh.

I'm more of a frozen food and salad guy!


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Mostly all the reciepes I get come from family members that are being handed down. But I also have this big book of "Secret Recipes" that I got through the email one day. Its been one of the greatest Spam emails I've ever gotten!

Other than that my mom is a cookbook nut, she bites on all these Diet Cookbooks so every once in a while I'll read through one and see what I can do to make them less Diety...


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I usually get new recipes from recipe books, but I also get a lot from my mom. She is a great cook and is always making something new. :]


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Mine come from family or the web. I'm constantly calling my mom for directions on almost everything. When I'm feeling brave I'll print out new recipes from various sites and give it a whirl.