Where do you get your recipes from?

Where do you get your recipes from?

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When you try new recipes, where do you get them from?

Sometimes I pick up mine from browsing through cooking books and the flyers I pick up at the supermarket, but mainly off the internet.
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When I decide to try something new or a new recipe, I get them from my cook books, the net, and from friends and family and on occasion I will get a recipe from the TV cooking shows.

I love to cook and I love trying to cook new foods.
Online, programs and handed down recipes are the ways I gather mine. Atleast I know the recipes have been tested and I could see how they were prepared.


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I usually get my recipes off the net. I watch cooking shows also but it's impossible to get the recipe off there because I can't write that fast. Getting the recipe is much easier because you can read it and it's step by step on what ingredients to add and how long you should cook it for.


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I chose Online and Friends/Family as I only own one recipe book and that was given to me as a joke from my parents. I don't think I've opened it in the two years I've had it.
If Synd and I feel like something new we'll often look online for new recipes or we go with something suggested to us. I'm not much of a cook so I don't create new recipes that often.


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Online (like if someone posts a good recipe here, I might try it out)

Sometimes I just have an idea and check if anyone has done it (google) and try to mix different techniques, still make it my own, in a way.

Other times, I'm just reading a magazine and they have a recipe section. If I like it, I tear off the page. :hah: Lastly, I bought cookbooks before and were offered too. I still haven't tried all recipes there.


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I'm going to vote Friends/Family and Cookbooks, because basically all the food I can cook has been taught to me by family members.

I went for the Cookbook option because when I bake, I use a baking recipe book. So much stuff to remember - precise cooking times, how much of this to use, how much of that, etc; I could never remember that off by heart.


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Im a mixture of everything.

I used to work in catering many years ago so I learnt a lot then, its easier to tell the chefs what to do if you know what you are on about yourself. At the same time as chefs come and go you pick up a lot of their styles, techniques and speciality recipes. Most of that information has been forgotten but the fundamentals are still there and the likelyhood is I probably would not follow a recipe.

I do use online and cook books occasionally but its more for inspiration or a little confirmation.

I voted "other"


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I watch a lot of food network and then I'll see something online to try too. Just wrote down the recipe for a quick and easy fried rice the other day that I'm gonna try this weekend.


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I get mine from the net, friends/family, and sometimes when browsing cookbooks. I almost always modify the recipes to what I think would taste/look better though.