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Where do you get your Avatars and sigs from?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

With all the new faces coming and going I was wondering where all of you get your Avatars and sigs from? Do you make your own or do you find them somewhere?

Me I tend to gather up pics from all over the net and on a slow day I play with them in photoshop and make something completely new out of them.

Have you ever seen any that you have made on other forums or out there on the net? I have seen several people who have some of the Avatars from past use up as their avatars on other forums. I think it's kind of cool to see myself.

So how about you? Where do you get yours from and do you mind if someone uses your old works as their new avatar?


I find mine on Google or other sources. Whatever I'm interested in the moment is what I search for. As you can see I'm currently interested in Final Fantasy and Disgaea, so that helped me chose my avatar and signature. :eek:)


Registered Member
I'll usually change mine when I get tired of seeing the current one or when I get into a new game or band. I do steal pics from the internet but in most cases will alter it in some way to personalize it a little.

My new set is one of the character classes on Team Fortress 2, on the ava I put the Demoman in a red background and added the text.


Son of Liberty
I make them myself using ACDSee.

Usually when the time comes to make a new Avy or Sig I'll come up with a theme I want. Then I'll search for some pics I can use. I'm gonna have a new sig soon, but I need a camera to take a screen shot of my tv. Hopefully it'll be up by tomorrow.


#2 New Zealander
I usually ask people to make them for me, since i don't have photoshop.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Hybrix made my last one for me. This one I used a picture I took and resized it.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I got this from the internet and resized it.

I don't have a sig image.


I generally either just re-size an image that I find online, or I take a screen cap from a video that I find particularly funny.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I got my avatar from a baseball forum, I really liked it and I ask the member who made it to make it the right size, so he did and now I'm using it.

For my sigs, I usually go to Graphic Forums, join and ask members to make me one.