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Where do I go from here?


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I just started a story today, my first mystery story from of a POV of the detective, Miguel Sanchez. I wanted to try out a style that looked 1800-ish where we start off with an unknown speaker in an unknown place, except now I don't know where to go from here.

This is what I have. Just a few paragraphs, though.

Before I begin this narrative, let me spend three pages discussing my birth in the slums of a large city hundreds of miles south of here. No, scratch that, it’ll take too long. That’s the type of book that puts me to sleep whenever anyone reads it to me. It’s pointless to begin a narrative where you start by telling the readers everything there was to know about your hero. Therefore, I’ll only tell you one thing about myself before we begin: I was indeed born in the slums of a large city hundreds of miles south of here. Here being Birmingham, Alabama.
So, where to begin this exciting adventure?
I didn't want to reveal everything about Miguel, as we learn about him as the book trucks along. We would learn who this speaker was about a paragraph or two later (that and if the speaker were a boy/girl).

So, where do I go from here? Do I have the speaker instantly jump into the mystery as he/she appears interested in not sharing anything else about him/herself?
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I don't know if this will help but... I'd paint him/her with the scenery in the first paragraph. The props would be dark and dingy with something out of place. What's out of place would reflect part of his character, a part people could sympathize with (no matter what his gender is). Maybe an overturned chair that seemed like some part of his life that triggers the need to accomplish some goal. If he grew up in the slums then he's already defensive so his identity would unfold slowly in small pieces. Then something he sees or something that happens and it reminds him of just how urgent his life is and what he needs to be doing.
I always try to add a "hook" in the first paragraph, something that's very interesting and needs explained (much later, lol). That catches the reader so they'll wanna read more.
Hope that helps in some way.
Btw, def props for attempting 1800s! Your idea sounds awesome and I love mysteries.


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Then you are on the right path, just go on introducing the story. Start building other characters and scenes and stuff, just try and keep the readers attention, so to speak. Build the story until you feel like introducing your Miguel, don't panic, you are the creator here. Its your show, run it however you like it. But when you reach a certain page, then you can get a second opinion. Good luck.