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Where did you grow up and what was it like?


aka ginger warlock
I have no idea why I started thinking about this but I am quite bored so expect a lot of random thought threads today :lol:

So where did you grow up? Do you still live there? What was it like and did you enjoy it?

I grew up in a small village called Broughton in north west Cumbria, it was quite small with an estimated population of one thousand eight hundred. I really hated the place as it was so small and barely had anything to do. I do not live there anymore and left to go to college. I still go back to see my folks occasionally but won't if I can avoid it.


I grew up and lived [for 20 years] in an old neighborhood in Tirana city. It was a relatively noisy place but I loved it there. Now live in a new and quieter neighborhood but i feel nostalgic for the old one. My childhood friends are still living there...


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I grew up in the United States of America, that's about as narrow as I can get it. My parents traveled a lot when I was a young girl (my Dad's job) and so every year I went to school at a new school in a different state. I lived in Illinois and Florida and Arizona and Oklahoma and other states, never went to the same school twice.


For a Free Scotland
I grew up in Los Altos, California. It was the definition of a sleepy suburb, less than 30,000 people, very boring downtown that closed early. One of the whitest cities in a very non-white state (I think about 55% of California is non-white), and very affluent. I was glad to get out, though now I live in a very similar town- I wish I lived in one of the nearby cities.

It's odd though, to live in a dull suburb less than half an hour from San Jose (900,000 people) and an hour from San Francisco (750,000 people and a cultural center of the US). Stuff was around me, just not where I lived directly.


I grew up (and still live in today) a town called Geelong in Victoria, Australia. I quite enjoyed growing up here. My house is situated on the top of a valley and we used to have horses basically right outside my window. It was a lovely peaceful neighbourhood. That's all different now, the horses have been replaced with a highway unfortunately but it's still a nice place to live. My town can be a bit dodgy at times but after all these years I have grown a soft-spot for it.


still nobody's bitch
I grew up mostly in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It's a university town (The University of Michigan) so there's a lot going on. When I was very young, my mom and my aunt were active in the anti-war movement (Vietnam) so I can remember going to a few protests, since Ann Arbor was a hotbed of liberal activity back then.

It was more free-spirited back then, lots of hippies around, plenty of free fun things to do, but now it's a lot more snooty and pretentious. It's still quite progressive with plenty of hippies, but even the hippies are different. My daughter goes to a private school that's supposed to be really crunchy and progressive (they take a nature walk every morning and build fairy houses) but those people pull up in their Cadillac Escalades and Range Rovers and Lexuses to drop their kids off to learn how to become one with nature. It bugs me.


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I grew up in two places. My childhood years were spent in Girsby, England which has a grand total population of maybe 25 people on a good day. It was cool as a kid, but as I got older and wanted to do more things with my friends it became a pain in the ass living in the middle of nowhere.

My early teenage years were spent travelling all over New Zealand until we finally settled in Timaru, NZ. Pretty average just under 30,000 pop. town really...nothing in particular going for it except a nice bay. Literally my entire teenage years were spent drunk or high, because there was nothing other to do than that.


Sally Twit
Nottingham, the home of Robin Hood. I've been here all my life but don't plan on staying here for my entire life.
It's pretty small and there are more rough areas here than nice areas. It's one of the top gun crime capitals in the UK. So I'm not proud living here.


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I was raised mostly in Utah, USA from age 5 to 22. I lived in 4 different cities/towns there but the longest period was 6 years in one apartment (age 9-15). That was Ogden, Utah and what I call my "home town". I have many good memories of it. It was rural, had a few good friends, liked school, rode my bike, went to the pool, rodes horses, loved winter etc.

We left because my mom moved us to Berkeley California for one year while she got her masters degree. When we returned to Utah we lived in the capital, Salt Lake City. It was never the same and at 16 I struggled with the remainder of high school. Jobs, college, love life, and friendships were plagued with depression. In the 6 years I live in SLC, I moved 7 times!

I'm now in San Diego, and I've been in this house for 13 years. It's the longest I've lived anywhere, and only the 2nd home for both my kids. When I was their age I had lived in 2 countries, and 3 different states, and been to 7 schools.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I have lived in St Louis, Missouri my entire life. I was in one house until I was 3 years old and then we moved and I lived there for 20 something years. This past October I moved as I bought a house.

Each area has been very nice and safe.