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Where did Islam go "wrong"


Sultan of Swat
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I'd like to open up for debate the topic of where, when, why, who, caused Islam go sour and spin off such militancy that troubles the world today?


aka ginger warlock
I think it is a fair question to ask but I think we need to also ask why did it go wrong? Was it something that the people who follow the faith did or was it people from outside who saw what was being done, disagreed with it and tried to change it without really taking the time to look into it?

In religion as with history it is difficult to determine exactly when something went wrong because we only have the word of the person who saw it as being wrong at the time they felt it was wrong but that does not definitely represent it correctly.


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There are a lot of factors for why Islam is the way it is today. Some of it, you can't really go into unless you know enough about the Quran to get into a theological discussion about it.

I think a lot of it is that like many countries, they were oppressed, but they were strong enough to avoid being conquered entirely. So they have a lot of the resentment from the oppression, but they never had the assimilation that often goes with being conquered. They also had more ongoing outside conflict due to their large oil deposits, their drug trade, both of which were influenced even further by the Cold War


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I don't think it went wrong. I'm not an expert, but Islam is no "religion of peace". Muslims are encouraged to lie to non Muslims. I'll end it there. Again I'm no expert but I've heard many startling things about the Quran.


As a feminist it's hard to view Islam as ever being right. Any country that treats it's woman as second class citizens and basically property of the men they are married to is wrong to me. But then again, I know that's not every case, that's just what some unfortunate stories through the media etc expose us to.


My best friend is Muslim and he is probably the nicest person I have met and there isn't anyone in the family who I would consider to be doing anything wrong, just living their lives.

I wonder if perhaps it is more the countries than the actual religion. But of course, I'm no expert.

I'd also like to add that even as an athiest the family has no problem with me.
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Free Spirit
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Not knowing enough about the Koran it will be hard for me to say exactly where it went wrong. One problem may be so many Muslims can't read so they only know what they are told. Then again Islam isn't a peaceful religion and I don't think it ever has been. They are pretty hard line about following it to the letter or you will be shot or have your head chopped off.

Islam suppresses women so badly I am like Crouton I don't think it was ever right but I think it has gotten worse. I think it was written by a man that wanted things his way or no way.

History of Islam, Muhammad


A Darker Knight
I'd be terribly offended if someone suggested that my religion ever went "wrong". It's basically only demonized by the horribly ignorant.

Maybe some religions are more aggressive by nature (i.e. evangelism), but every one has their own extremists. Some people only choose to see the extreme side of Islam.


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This is why Islam is wrong. Islam says:

  • no alcohol,
  • no drugs,
  • no gambling
  • no plastic surgeries, unless if one gets distorted
  • no murder
  • no child abuse
  • no premartial relationship
  • no disrespecting to parents, especially towards mothers.
  • no animal cruelty
  • no bribing
  • no addiction in anything
  • no compulsion
  • and much more...

I guess Islam is also wrong because Islam was the first ever to give the following RIGHTS to women (more than fourteen hundred years ago):

  • - Right to education,
  • - Right to work,
  • - Right to spend her money on whatever pleases her. The financial obligation falls upon men.
  • - Right to vote
  • - Right to choose her husband and negoate marriage terms of her choice
  • - Right to obtain divorce
  • - Right to have or give her opinion in a public gathering
  • - Right to keep her surname after marriage
  • - Right to go masjid- her husband cannot stop her
  • - Right to have her own property
  • - Right to personal respect

What other religion, political theory, or philosophy has offered such a comprehensive package before Islam???

Rights of women discovered after Islam:

Womens History Timeline - Biography.com - Biography.com

Miracles of the Quran:

Miracles of the Qur'an - Modern Science Reveals New Miracles of the Qur'an :: HARUN YAHYA ::

Maybe Islam is also wrong because today the fastest growing religion is Islam and suprisingly most are women who chooses to convert to Islam.

Islam itself promotes:

  • Peace
  • Unity
  • Modesty
  • Fairness
  • Submission
Nicole Queen in "They Chose Islam" Part 1 - YouTube

Where Did We Go Wrong? Part 1 - YouTube

I hope the above cleared some of the misunderstanding towards Islam and its women :)


If all that above was correct, then why do we see scenes such as the one a while ago where that woman was forced to kneel on the ground in front of a large group of men and then be repeatedly shot to death as a spectacle. All over... I believe it was a case of adultery in which the man wasn't punished and the woman was riddled with bullets. Apparently shooting that woman was the right thing to do by Allah. Shooting a woman will never be the right thing to do by me.