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Game Cube Where Did Gamecube Go Wrong?


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To me Gamecube had some real failures of games but they also had some really good games that did satisfy gamers.

Here are some of the most miserable failures that they had for gamecube.

Super Mario Sunshine (this was a sad excuse for a mario game it really didn't know how to capture the gamer this is # 1 of the 3 main Nintendo series.)

Donkey Konga (Possibly the most pathetic game of all time and it just had to be a donkey kong game, this is # 3 of nintendo's 3 main series)

Nintendo has 3 main series and they go in this order of popularity and fame.

3.Donkey Kong

and if there was a 4th slot Metroid would be on there but this goes by what nintendo says not me.

Though Mario and Donkey Kong failed the good game test miserable for gamecube there were also some really good titles.

Super Smash Bros. Melee (possibly the most popular fighting game of all time for Nintendo this game really gripped the player with tons of unlockables and the game is still fun after unlockign everything and playing hours upon hours of the game.)

Metroid Prime (this was sort of a new concept of a game to me it's like a first person shooter Zelda style it was quite a fun game and there were also tons of level ups in this game and it limited where you could go by which power ups you had it was a very well made game and I like it.)

Zelda Wind Waker (This game was huge and it was a totally new concept for Zelda to take on, never before has Zelda taken place with pirates and a huge ocean with tons of treasure under sea. I must say that the ship is a huge improvement from the little raft that link got to use in the original zelda game)

Do you agree?


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The problem was gamecube was a system that didn't really have any reason to get other than nintendo properties. The other two systems were more powerful, and didn't look like a makeup kit. Also, a lot of the biggest selling games are sports games. Now, who do you think appears to sports gamers more, a little purple box that's has no other real use other than Nintendo games, or the Xbox, which advertised itself as the mature gamer's choice and the PS2 which had Madden?


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Metroid and Zelda were the only must-have games in my opinion, though I wasn't a huge fan of Wind Waker. Gamecube was hit hard by lack of 3rd party support. There were a way less sports games than Xbox and PS2 had, and didn't have games like Grand Theft Auto. The games that did get ported over were usually better on the other consoles because of Gamecubes odd controller and lack of a hard drive. And most of the Gamecube exclusive games were very kiddy.


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The Gamecube was also LAST to the party, if I remember correctly. It's late release hurt it a lot. It has some good games in the way of mature gamers, but it's lack of advertising as a well-rounded console (to defeat it's faulty label of "childish") also hurt.


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sorry, but if you look and compair the stats, Gamecube was more powerful than PS2, sure it was lacking in certain areas, just compair RE4 on each system, sure PS2 got more content, but the GC version looked/played better (in most reviews and people I know, I have only seen video compairisons)

The failure of the GC was it wasnt new, it was just a step up from the GC, It seems alot of reports state that Wii was basically supposed to be periferials for the GC thats why Wii isnt very powerful.

Like NES to SNES upgrade to N64 innovative to GC upgrade to Wii innovative

GC had alot of good titles, I in fact own over 40 games, people justdidnt give alot of games a chance. Beyond Good and Evil, Custom Robo, Eternal Darkness, and a internet favorite Alien Hominid (was flash based first, then made into console games)

Then it was also labled as a kiddie system, yes sure alot of kids play it, my kids still do, but all reviewers gave some of the best 'kiddie' games bad scores, there are in fact quite a few gems among them, sure they arent up to Nintendo standards, but I helped my kids through many a game and found myself playing them more than I should have.

The fact of the matter remains, that the kiddies that grew up in the late SNES and N64 eras grew up, left the kiddie roots behind, as the old school Atari and NES crowd wanted something new. we had to work on games durring Atari (and others0 and NES/SNES games, todays games (N64- through GC) you can beat games easily. There is no replay value. Companies are too focused on graphics and not enough on gameplay.

Im sure there is a middle ground, Nintendo has been the closest


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There's also this big industry erection for blood, violence, and super-realism these days. Games used to be about kiddie and cartoonish characters and worlds. Hell, even the more serious games during previous eras like Final Fantasy didn't take themselves so seriously. The PS2 and Xbox were signs that people wanted more violence, more realism, and less goofing around.

The Gamecube was meant to be fun for families as well as single players. The Gamecube was not the most powerful and I think it actually wasn't as strong as the PS2, but if someone can provide proof I'll correct myself.

It's already been said, but the Gamecube suffered from serious lack of support from other developers. Sony had a massive ass library and the Xbox looked promising with it's beastly launch title, Halo. Gamecube had one title that I'm highly disappointed was never continued: Eternal Darkness.


The reason the Wii isn't as powerful is because Nintendo wanted the system to be affordable but with a decent enough graphics system to stay close to competition. Nintendo systems have never really been about graphics, it's about the innovation and family fun that they advertise. A lot of popular games these days aren't meant for family audiences, like the Halo series, which is meant to be played online (because let's face it, the campaign sucks, except for the first one).

What's the problem with the Nintendo systems being kid friendly? I love how people call it a lame system because it's open to a wide audience. Translation:

"Haha, you enjoy diversity? You're gay."


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alot of people also bashed GC for its main color being Purple, or would call it a lunchbox...

Nintendo has always been family friendly, the first real 'mature' title Nintendo let be released was Conker BFD, though it was released at a bad time (then re-released on xbox)

it was the first and only time I ever spent $70 on a game at release

Im just tired of the graphics over gameplay acpect of other consoles


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When they made it purple and gave it a shit controller.


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Why was it a shit controller? I find it quit comfortable

And it did release in different colors, I got the last black one launch day (12pm release at wally world)