Xbox 360 where can u go 2 win a xbox360


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Rayzn said:
There are also other contest out there.
Movie Gallery is holding one and I believe CNet is having one.
i heard about the Movie Gallery one [ B&M only { Brick & Mortar -i.e. instore only- } ] but haven't heard about the CNet one.

i visited CNet's site and didn't see a thing. can you provide us a link?


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I'll try to find it. I think it was CNet. It was a podcast and you would submit a question and if your question was answered you were entered in a drawing for an xbox 360.


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thanks for the links.

at gamefly how many 360's are they giving away? i did a quick once-over and didn't catch how many they're giving.


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Andrew said:
Yes... you can win one here on this site:
lol. Thats this site. lolz. also, comedy central Thanxgiveaway weekend, to help. One more, type BREGames in the adress bar, it a dot com Thay have a 360 contest