Wii Where Can I Buy One?


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Really? I didn't think they were that popular.. They're sold out at EBGames/Gamestop? BestBuy? Target?

You could try Craigslist.. but that might be a little risky.
When I first checked Amazon the new ones were all over $235, so I was hoping to find a different place. If worse comes to worse, I can always grab a used one from GameStop.


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The Wii is the best selling console this generation, but you shouldn't have troubles finding one for sale.

Btw i think they are going to drop the price this year.


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Never has a system collected dust so quickly in my house.

Nevertheless, they really shouldn't be that hard to find. Just check the big chains and if you're not successful, go to places like Nextag.com and Amazon.
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Ebay stores would be another option, just be selective.

Gamestop.com is your best bet.