Where are the dinosaurs in the Bible?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by generalblue, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. generalblue

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    I know this is a stupid question. Why doesn't the bible reference dinosaurs? I really want to know!!!

  2. Chaos

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    If I remember right, the Bible claims that the world is only about six thousand years old. I think it says that the dinosaur bones were supposedly planted there by the devil, or something like that. :dunno: After all, the Bible doesn't support evolution.
  3. Scissorhands

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    Psh! Everyone knows that dinosaurs were around LONG before earth was created.
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  4. Wade8813

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    Many people argue that dinosaurs ARE referenced in the Bible

    Behemoth (Job 40:15-24) and Leviathan (Job 41:1-34) are both thought to be dinosaurs by some Christians. Others believe that they're just modern animals (maybe Behemoth = elephant, and Leviathan = whale, although neither of those descriptions fit, IMO)

    Some people infer things from the Bible to guess that earth's been around for ~10,000 years. The Bible isn't that specific in that area.

    The Bible doesn't say anything about the devil doing anything with dinosaurs. There are some Christians who guess that's what happened, but it's all based on speculation; I have yet to see a single verse that even remotely supports it.
  5. generalblue

    generalblue Where is my Queen?

  6. Boredie

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    There is also a reference to them in Genesis 1:21. In Hebrew it says "Taninim G'dolim" direct translation is big crocodiles. In the Judaism they are also referred to as the dinosaurs.
  7. Stegosaurus

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    This peaked my interest. There is another active thread that references Genesis 1:6-8:, and there was speculation that the rupture of this "firmament/dome/canvas/etc..." and the following flood is what killed the dinosaurs...

    How is the carbon-dating done on dinosaurs' fossils and all of the geological time-stamp evidence around them rectified with the claims (made by some, not necessarily the Bible) that dinosaurs existed only several thousand years ago side-by-side Noah? Somehow I feel like if tyrannosaurus rexes and pterodactyls were around, the Bible would have entire chapters on them. Thoughts?
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  8. Wade8813

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    I don't know about other types of Carbon dating, but I know Carbon-14 dating (the most common one I've heard about) isn't usable for anything as old as dinosaurs, because it decays too quickly.

    Other forms of radiometric dating seem to have major flaws*, but they still get thrown around as absolutes.

    The Bible is about God's relationship with people. I see no reason to assume dinosaurs would play a big role in that.

    * This is just my opinion, and obviously I'm no expert in the matter.
  9. Stegosaurus

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    I suppose I mean Stratigraphy, really--using the geological patterns to track their fossilization.

    Anyway, the Bible mentions people owning goats, eating fish, being seduced by snakes, watching birds, and getting eaten by bears...so I just find it hard to believe that in ALL of the enormity of the bible, a dinosaur would not be mentioned--even if the Bible was about God's relationship with humans. (And not simply one or two things like "large crocodile," due to the vast diversity of dinosaurs even in the latest of their periods just before their extinction.

    Auquatic dinosaurs died in the flood, too?

    Further, why would it not have mentioned a few of them on Noah's ark?
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  10. Hi_Im_Tim

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    Read job 41, it describes a giant fire-breathing sea dragon.

    Also I don't think it mentioned any animals specifically that went onto Noah's ark, it just said that 2 of every kind were on it.

    Obviously the Bible won't mention the word dinosaur because that wasn't coined until 1842, and the Bible was written well before that.

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