Where are all the hardcore kids?


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Where's the death metal, hardcore, grindcore, and mathcore?

Orrrr am I by myself when I say that I listen to Arsonists Get All The Girls when I visit GF?


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I grew up on it, but don't listen to it as much anymore. I stick with the oldies but goodies.. Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah, Deicide, etc.

Now I still like decently heavy music, but not quite as heavy as before.. I'm getting soft in my old age... of 23 >.>


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HA!!! Soft in your "old" age of 23? hahah I am 24 and that's all I listen to. Well, occassional Black Eye Peas every once in awhile :-/


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I'm a big Metalcore / Melodic Deathmetal/Blackmetal fan.

Absolutely adore "All that remains".

love me some Trivium, Diecast, Killswitch Engage, Bury your Dead, Devildriver, the list goes on and on.