When you're in a car accident


I am the woolrus
It is a very good advert. I was in a serious car accident when i was young and i would almost certainly be dead if it wasn't for my seatbelt! They definitely do save lives.


OMG ....that's terrible!
that's why it's important to wear the seatbelt. it saves life like you have no idea.
I've heard many cases where dead people these accidents would now be alive if they only wore the seatbelt...


"There can be only one!"


I am the woolrus
That's always the one i think of whenever anyone mentions car accident ads. Definitely the most effective and well made ad i've seen.

Funnily enough though, i was talkin to someone the other day about how Samantha Mumba's career went completely downhill after her (at the time very popular) song was used on this ad. I dunno if it was the cause of it or not but it is tough for a song to stay as popular when it's associated with scenes like this!