When you're alone in your home


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do you have naked time?

I quite enjoy naked time after a shower for an hour or two.


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Yes, it's mostly after my shower or other non-descript activities (i'll let you use your imagination). I'll just chill out and drip dry until I am completely dry, then get dressed.


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Yeah, generally after the shower. I hate getting dressed straight away as i'm never completely dry. Usually for about half an hour. If someone else is home, then I just walk around in my towel.


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Yeah, I like some naked times after I come out the shower, feels better to drip dry then towel dry, usually for about half an hour.

I wouldn't really have naked time for anything else unless it's sexi time obviously.
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Only at night/morning when I go to sleep. (I sleep in the buff ;) :lol:)

I wouldn't randomly drop trou in the middle of the day and walk around in my house nekked. Too many windows LOL :hah:
No, never. and after a shower I just stay in the towel for ages. It's too weird in my house because it seems like everyone and their next door neighbour has a key and will "pop in" unexpectedly for whatever reason. Seriously.


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Oh yes I love naked time :). Except unfortunately I have to keep it restricted to my bedroom and the upstairs hall, and even then there's a window that I have to dash past up there haha.