When your plans fall through....

When your plans fall through, what do you do?

  • Get enragified (filled with rage) and rant and blog and facebook and im about it.

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When my associates and I schedule a rendezvous at an undisclosed location for undisclosed reasons we plan it to the T. Often we send word via carrier pigeon or morse code. If for some reason one of our associates cannot attend the rendezvous we do our best to carry out our mission without them.

Our missions our carefully crafted and planned. We make sure there are no mistakes, no fuck ups and that our information is reliable and accurate. Then we execute...

Or if that fails we say fuck it and go to a non-descript bar for some non-descript refreshment...

And half the time we just wing it.


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I would phone up some other friends and try and arrange something with them.

If that fails then I would just be postive and just enjoy a relaxing night to myself.


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My biggest personal asset is the ability to "turn on a dime". I don't know how many times I've had plans and get a phone call that changes everything. I've even been on my way to a very nice restaurant for a quiet dinner and a few minutes later headed off on a two-day road trip.
I take each day as it comes and take advantage of every opportunity the presents itself along the way.
So I guess I'll answer the question by saying that a change in plans isn't a disappointment for me, it's a way of life.


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....,what do you do?

So you got something you're going to in the evening. Lets say, a night at the bar perhaps. And everything is all planned, got your ride arranged and everything. In the hour before it's time to leave, everyone phones and cancels, or something happens and they can't come etc etc. Now you're left with no plans whatsoever. What do you do?

Do you phone other friends and make new plans? Do you just sigh, sulk and complain on facebook? Or do you just think positive, and enjoy a relaxing evening at home? Or do you do something else?
If I'm really psyched to go out and eveyrthing else is arranged except the effing people that promised to be there, lol, then I go solo. :nod:


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This is one reason why I rarely make definite plans...it is sooo irritating to have people cancel at the last second, especially when I spent a long time getting ready or have been looking forward to it for a while. I don't let that stop me from going out though. I will find other people to go with or make new plans.


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I'd probably make new plans for another time and shrug it off. I always keep my plans fluid, to allow for Human error, so to speak. In life, if I've noticed one thing, it's that everything is random. Chance plays such a big part in the universe, it's a wonder people make plans at all. By keeping my plans as fluid as they can be, I can adapt to the situation as it changes, and change with it.
I'd enjoy the evening off instead, most likely. I wouldn't make a fuss, usually I'm happy when plans fall through, but that's a different story, haha.


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Depends on what was planned. If it's just a small get together with friends then I wouldn't care so much. I prefer to be at home most of the time anyway.