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When your internet doesn't work...


....what's your reaction??
you get nervous . .. or you sit back, relax and wait for the connection to come back?
or you get off table and start doing other things, meanwhile?
i get nervous, hysteric, mad, i call the service provider as many times as i can and as i want...,

even if i don't have to work over the internet, the psychological idea of not having it working properly..makes me a beast! (there are times when i can't even sleep at night ..)


edit. p.s hey ..i'm not addicted. it's not that i stay all day over the internet.
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yellow 4!
LOL you sure sound addicted to me :lol:

It's sometimes a welcome relief for me. If I have things to do away from the computer then I could use the reason to get off it :p
Yeah, I'll just find something else to do. It doesn't happen a lot and it's always resolved fairly quickly apart from in a few rare cases. If it's off for a long time then I hate it, and if I have nothing else to do then I hate it. Doesn't make me nervous or anything like that though.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I cry...

Okay not really. I'll usually troubleshoot and try to find out what the hell is wrong and if that doesn't work I'll give someone a call.

I try not to freak out haah


No Custom Title Exists
I know how to put it up again, in the past it fucked up so many times that I've basically learnt how to put it up again.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I've had problems with my internet lately, my DSL is always screwing up. But that's because my phone lines and such are so old at my house so it was bound to happen.

I get mad about it, but I just watch television till it fixes.


The internet is frustating that way. Just when I need it to work the connection is lost. I jiggle a few usb cables or rebooting the pc works in my case.


I know how to put it up again, in the past it fucked up so many times that I've basically learnt how to put it up again.
you can't fix it alone if your ISP doesn't work on it. :yawn:
if you fix it, it means it's your fault.
i'm talking about cases where Internet connection loss doesn't depend on you.

that's the real issue ... hehe ...


Son of Liberty
when my internet doesnt work, I usually just commence to doing other things. Normally at home my internet is mostly used for playing video games. So if thats the case and I have no net... then I'll just play the single player version of the game, or just do something else entirely.