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When your gas light comes on...


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Roughly how many miles do you have left in your car when your gas light comes on? (I know it may vary depending on the type of car you have)


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Staff member
I don't even know haha...I should probably know that though shouldn't I?

I usually try and get gas before the gas light comes on but sometimes it's just not possible. I've driven miles on it before but I don't really know how long I've got. I know some cars now-a-days tell you exactly how many miles you've got left before you run out. I need to find one of those.


Living on the 0th floor
My car counts down the miles I have left on a tank of gas from the moment I fill up until it is empty; my gas light comes on when I have 50 miles left on a tank.

My last car though, according to the user manual, you had 13 miles left on your tank, and to fill up immediately.

I rarely ever let my car get to the point the gas light comes on though just from the old advice not too since dirt that settled in the tank can get through the fuel lines and mess up your car. I understand, in contemporary cars it isn't such a problem, but it still freaks me out.


Boom Boom Pow!
I'd love a car that tells you how many miles you have left. My friend had a car like that, it would make life much easier.

I don't like to let my car get to the gas light stage. I like to keep my car well stocked with fuel.


still nobody's bitch
Mine also has the countdown of how many miles left until E. It's nice.

The light comes on at 50 miles left, then it notifies you again with a warning sound when there are 25 miles left.


Son of Liberty
The most I've ever traveled after my gas light has came up, ironically was last week. I drove roughly 30 miles on the gas light before I was finally able to get to a gas station.

The first 7 miles was driving home from where I was. Then when I found that I didnt have any gas in the spare 5 gal tanks at home I freaked out and figured "well there will be some at work in the morning". So I drove another 12 miles to work. Then from work where there was yet again no spare gas... its another 11-12 miles to the nearest Gas Station.

that was teh deepest I'd ever gone on a gas light. Usually I never go any more than 5-7 miles after the light comes on.


Endangered Species
I guess it must be about a gallon of fuel plus whatever is already in the system. I usually run my car from full to whenever the light goes on and if I still forget, it beeps when it is very near empty to say you only have a few miles to find fuel, which fortunately around here there are a lot of places.


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I wouldn't have the foggiest idea....I never let my gas gauge get down below a half a tank~


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If the gas light is on and I am driving in the city, I will typically have 25 miles left, on the highway I would have 35 miles left.


I'm serious
My car also tells me how much further I can go before I need to refill once the light goes on. I can go about 30 maybe even 40 miles. I've not tested the 40 mile yet, but I have driven 30 miles since my light went on more than one occassion. I've never been stuck on the side of the road without fuel, but I really do tempt fate sometimes. :lol: