When you thought wrestling was real....


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Alright I don't know if this is a good thread or not, but hopefully it gets some good feedback.

I'm sure everyone here thought wrestling was real at one point. During that time was there ever a moment where you said to yourself Oh My God, I cannot believe that just happened to him, I'm really hoping he's alright, but in the long run it was all planned.(I am not talking about freak accidents, like Owen Hart dying and stuff)

For me there is, I cannot remember which Pay Per View it was, but I was watching WCW, and Hulk Hogan and The Giant were feuding, both wrestlers were on the top of the building and Hogan just pushed The Giant off the roof and I didn't see where he landed, but honestly I thought to myself he was dead, why would Hogan do that such a thing, I was worried till I saw Monday Nitro the next day. I was so happy to see him there lol.

So is there any moments for you guys?


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Untill I was 8 i thought it was real, So whenever i'd watch Raw back then I'd be like "shit the guy cracked a table in half" or "hes out cold SHIT!?"


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Hi ya..

To be honest I never watched it..I didn't see the point of watching scripted play fighting..Still don't.

Wrestling isn't for me,but to each their own..I'm not that big of a sports fan..I would rather do the sport than watch it on TV.


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You mean... Wrestling isn't real?

Dude, you stole my line! :lol:

I watched wrestling because everyone else in the house wanted to see Hogan when I was young. I felt sorry for the players (there's emotional investment in there, lol). Years later, when I was told it was all fake I was thinking, "No way! I've been had!". But somehow, knowing it was fake made wrestling less interesting for me.
I seriously don't understand what people see in wrestling. All the fights are fixed, meaning whoever wins the fight has been decided beforehand, anyway. I'd much prefer a REAL competition to watch.


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I think it's the entertainment.. if it wasnt, Wrestlamania wouldn't pack 80 000 in the building, not to mention the big promotions. I wouldnt watch a sport like boxing and MMA for entertainment.. i'd rather do it.


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Mason why do you care if people enjoy wrestling? I know it's fake and scripted, but so are movies and books, I can imagine you enjoy watching that. It's entertaining for me and millions of other people.