When you leave your house...


Sultan of Swat
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When you leave your house, what do you carry on you?

Here's what I carry:

-Cell Phone

Side: I don't mean clothes either, or a hat.
As i'm so forgetful, I have a 3 necessities rule when ever i leave my house that I have to check for >>

  • phone
  • money
  • keys

and then anything extra (which depends on where im going), well, that is liable to be forgotten :D
I'm going to go with what I carry out usuallym so, Wallet, phone, keys, ipod, earphones, Laptop, pencil and erasers, paper, character sheets, external hard drive, camera

for a shopping trip, stop at earphones


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well i carry a handbag.. it contains:

mobile phone
breath mints or gum
usually some loose change outside of my purse

and thats about all i can think of.. apart from the obvious empty wrappers, etc that usually fill it too!