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When you invite someone over..


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If I invited them over, then it is my job to make everything. It is my gift to them to have a night without cooking and stressing. Sometimes my friends and I will all decide we want to get together, so then one person makes the appetizer, one person makes the entrée, and one person makes the dessert. That is the only time i have anyone bring something to my house for a dinner party though.


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When I invite someone over,I do everything myself.I do not make my guests do anything.I hate to do this.
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There are a few different scenarios for me. One is if it's a casual get-together-and-drink situation, where there isn't really anything to do. Generally my friends will bring some beer or whatnot, and the rule of thumb is if you get up, be prepared to get a new beer for anywhere between one and everyone.

If it's a gameday or something and my place is the designated viewing area, we'll generally do a sort of pot luck deal where everyone brings something. In that case, I'll make something and have it done before people get there, and if someone's dish requires further assembly upon arrival, I'll offer a hand.

The last is if it's my girlfriend coming over for a dinner or something like that. In that case, she generally does most of the work, simply because of the fact she genuinely likes cooking. I'll still help whenever and however possible though.


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I usually have to help but not with any cooking since I cant really cook. Some people bring things they want sometimes and everybody get a turn at being DJ. But when everybody leaves, I'm the one that has to help clean everything up. The last party the house was totally slammed! Took half the night to get everything cleaned up!